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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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hi martin, is there an alternative means of obtaining swedish snuss due to the eu legislation No, I have chewing tobacco,Coarse snuff and Oliver tobacco bits ! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Do you sell any europeon dark tobacco cigarettes, like Gauloises, Gitanes or Ducados ? Like to but none available here at present. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Thank you for the Red Bull Tobacco I ordered and received from you. I particularly like the mentholized, aromatic strong snuff such as Red Bull. Do you have any non-German brands that could be of interest? Regards, Simen (Norway) Yes, will contact you direct with the info. Regards Martin.
I am enjoying Kendal Tobacco - Ennerdale at the moment. Someone told me that it was very much like Condor? If this is the case, which Condor would it be? The mild or the original flake? The original brown. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, some one recently asked you for St. Bruno Flake.. but you didnt give the details.. can you send me the prices.. and how much it would cost to post (to plymouth) also! cheers Dear Tom, St Bruno is 7.45 for a 50grm pack. You can select on my site for a full quote or as you are just down the road give me a ring. Regards Martin.
DEAR MARTIN HOW DO WE CALL THE PIPES THAT HAVE THE IRON ETC. FILTER INSIDE THEM, THE ONE WE CLEAN I WANT TO KNOW IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO BUY 2 OR 3, BECAUSE I DONT LIKE THE NORMAL FILTERS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Dear Sir, Are you asking for a pipe with a small metal tube in the stem at the end that goes into the bowl? Regards Martin.
I am looking for Euycolyptus snuff. I have heard that Hedges has it. Do you stock this item or something similar? Thanks, Jeremy Hedges is the one and you will find it on my site. Regards Martin.
Do you stock candles that absorb smoke ? to help non-smokers live with a pipe smoker! Dear Cris, Yes, they are 3.95 each. An order would need to be for 4 plus postage. Perhaps phone me for these as they are not on my site. Regards Martin.
hello, i am trying to find some cigarettes that my girlfriend had in england. i believe they are called consulits i believe i'm not to sure... plus i was wondering are your prices per pack or per carton? I can supply Consulate at 4.82 a packet ! Let me know how many you would like and to which country and I will work out a price? Regards Martin.
can you tell me if you stock are able to supply Mac Barens Rum or Whisky Uncle Louies Tobacco if so the cost as well. Thanks Martin Bennett Neither of these are available in the UK. Regards Martin.
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