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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Question Answer
do you do lighter repairs via the post. valerie Yes, send by secure post and I can do the rest. Regards Martin.
Hi Pipes were the last thing I thought I'd meet online!! I shall certainly look here next time I need new pipe rather than take the 300 mile trip I am used to! Do you stock replacement stems for Dr Plumb Twinbore ..... If so could I buy on line? It's all available on line now !! I would need to get a stem made for you. Please send the pipe back to me. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Can you help me with a dunhill lighter i have . It is a gas filled rolled gold one and the case has letters engraved on this which i would like taken off or filled in with gold filling can you help or direct me to someone who can do this? Not through my circles but perhaps a Jeweller! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, My dad wants a pipe for christmas he wants something like the following: manufacturer : peterson shape 3/4 bent silver band finish: smooth which pipe would you reccomend i buy from you? Thanks Tom A Peterson System would suit here ! Regards Martin.
iam innterested in ordering some rolling tobbaco since no one imports old holborn or three castles anymore.Any idea if i will be socked with a huge customs bill thanx Small amounts for personal use do not seem to worry your customs but they do have the right to add tax! Regards Martin.
I have a Dunhill Rollogas lighter that is in need of a service. Can you tell me please a firm in the UK who will undertake this or possibly your company can? Looking through other questions I see that you state you can repair Dunhills. Where do I send it? Do you give estimates first. As far as I know it only needs a service. I can get repaired most Dunhills. A repair or service is in the region of 85.00 plus return postage. You would need to send the lighter to me by secure post. Regards Martin.
can't find red bull hand rolling cig tobacco on your site. do you carry it and what is the cost Do not stock this brand, not sure that it is available here!!. Regards Martin.
My favorite brands are disappearing. I used to smoke Amphora Full Aroma until it was taken off the American market, then Skandinavik Full Aroma, which has recently dissappeared from the shelves everywher. Can you tell me what has happened to these brands, and can you make a recommendation of a similar brand that is available here in the U.S.? Thank you. The regulation on the packaging is the ongoing problem with the smaller brands ! Now all tobaccos have to show variable health warning and this is expensive to produce! Not sure ehat brands are available in the US so cannot help with your search. Regards Martin.
Regretfully, I don't have a picture of the pipe. I saw it on the video of the film. It seemed so unique and appealing, I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it. Lets see what can be done ! Regards Martin.
I would like to know if it still possible to obtain Garrick cigarettes, which used to be available in tins of 50. Sorry no. Regards Martin.
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