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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Martin, are san toy cheroots available in England or the near continent, ie France or Spain No, no where. I suggest the italian Toscanello ! Regards Martin,
Hi Martin, Firstly, can you ship pipe tobacco to Cyprus at all? Secondly, I can see you have Dunhill pipe tobacco and blends of Dunhill by Murrays....? I am mistaken or is this correct? Many thanks and Regards Rey Yes I can ship to you. The Dunhill range is available again but not made by Murrays. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, could you please tell me where on your website I would be able to find hand rolling cigarette papers or if you will put them on soon or not? Kind regards Jordan There are so many ! I stock many items that are not on my site. Please email me with any papers that you require and I can quote. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Could you tell me if you stock or know of any 120mm all white cigarettes (preferably menthol) that I can buy in the UK? I'm ideally looking for an all white version of the More menthol (in terms of length, width and taste) but would be happy to just find some 120mm all white cigarettes too Sorry no all white ones now. Regards Martin.
Sir, I have inherited a Ronson lighter, approx 60-70 years old. Would you be able to repair it. and what would be approx cost of doing so? Should be posible, about 25 plus return postage. Regards Martin.
dear martin i have just purchased and old medico pipe and was wondering if you could tell me what size filters i need for it thank you russell I sell them here, just give me a ring. Regards Martin.
we have a large collection of dunhill savinelli and peterson pipes which when the time is right we are happy to sell. dad was a connoiseur of pipes - we must have over a hundred - some of which he bought from your shop! hope you can help cheers sally Some of the bigger Dunhill may be interesting, please photo so I can see them. Regards Martin.
I can't get any sort of pipe tobacco on the Greek island where I live for most of the year. Can I order from you, say 10x50g pre-packed pouches? Thanks for any help you can offer. Gordon Wallace Hydra Greece No problem, please email me direct. Regards Martin.
Hi, My briar pipe has turned a bit sour and bitter, i've reamed it, but how to I clean the inside shank and bowl, can I use falcon pipe spray? or there another method to clean the inside of the pipe Our Deniclean is the product that you want. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin If I order Wessex 9mm York Walnut can I book No. 422, and how. Can I use the pipe without filter (with adapter). Sincerely, Bjarne Yes, we can supply a "baffle" to fill the filter space. Regards Martin.
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