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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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My dad left me a monkey or ape looking pipe very cool rembering him smoking the smoke out the ears the eys of it are wierd very glassy and black in the middle has a top hat you put the tobacco in this is very coolIhave no idea what I have but would like some imput at this point if U have ANY Interesting!? Regards Martin.
A former smoker - cigarettes and pipes, I wish to try the , peculiar habit of , snuff inhalation and would welcome your advice. Best John Campbell I would try an Assortment of snuff first to give you the idea of the variuos flavours. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, can you repair a Rollagas with a stuck gas regulator wheel, and refurbish a 1950's petrol 'Rollagas' that needs new wadding and wick? Maany thanks Warren Yes, I will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
Can you supply Dobie's Four Sqaure? I got a stack ten years ago but it's running low! Red, Dark Blue, Green and Purple are my favourites. Another long-lost love is Exmoor Hunt Green (the colour I attained when first smoking it!) All these brands are now gone! I have a blend that fills the hole left by both FS Green and Exmoor! Regards ,Martin.
Managed to get some Disque Bleue in France this summer, but any sign of resolution of the industrial dispute, which I believe was/is the problem with supply? Will Gauloises become available again in the UK? Thanks, Gordon I hope so ! Production is focused on their own market!! Regards Martin.
I have acquied a Dunhill rollagas and have no instructions. How do you change the flint? Open lid then look down on flint chamber and see a small slider that moves backwards. Slide this back and you will see the flint channel. Regards Martin.
do you stock and what are prices? Yes. Regards Martin.
do you stock sweet afton cigarettes Sorry not availible in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Can you scource a few tins of Orlick Golden Sliced. Its made in Denamark and my Dad would like some more. Thanks Graham Sorry this is not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
in my search for a pipe i came to your site and noticed you have a fine set of avery scales. do you still have them? Yes and use tham to weight tobacco. Regards Martin.
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