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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi when you are adding this tobacco to your line It is available and I will be adding to the site. Regards Martin.
Martin, i hope you can help me, i have looked everywhereto find ' Tampa Sweet Cigars ', they have a white plastic tip, the cigar itself is about 6" long with about 3/4 of an inch diameter, there is another Tampa cigar but with a wood filter tip that has a very nice cherry taste, same dimentions as the Tampa sweet...... please advise where i can purchsae them......... Happy New Year to you Martin In the UK the only Tamper has a birch wood holder! Regards Martin.
Hi..Pl add Dunhill NightCap to your collection... Thanks I would if I could. I do have good alternatives!? Regards Martin.
hi, i'm looking for fabric inserts for rolling tins, do you sell them? if not are the inserts in your rolling machines fabric or pastic? also do you sell bull brand greenbox or gizah rolling papers? Yes, I have these perhaps phone. Regards Martin.,
Dear Martin, i saw in your online shop the possibility to buy again the famous pipe tobacco Balkan Sobranie Origina Mixture. Is it the real old Sobranie or is the new mixture of the years 2000 ? Thanks for your reply and greetings from Italy Sorry I do not know where you saw this, it is not available. Regards Martin.
hi martin, my husband has fond memories of smoking turkish oval cigarettes when he lived in new york; they came in a tin. we live in oregon now and are ranchers. do you sell any of these. cathy Sorry no Ovals available, the nearest is out Tor Turkish. Regards Martin.
Hello; I was wondering whether the Gawith Turkish RYO you sell is pure Turkish or a blend (and if the former would you recommend blending with Virginia for smoking)? Thank you in advance. It is pure turkish and smoked straight. Regards Martin.
Sir, where can i find parliament aqua blue cigarettes in the uk, i cannot order them online, is there any shop? Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I apologize in advance for the stupid question but would it be possible for you (the company) to make a large amount of cigarettes for me? I mean, I chose the blends and you stuff the cigarettes professionally or any other methods certain tobacconists might use. If this is not possible can you please recommend someone who does do this. Thank you for your time hoping to hear from you soon Great idea, but sorry no. Regards Martin.
Martin are these cigars still on sale in England or is there an equivalent ? Alan Yes they are in boxes of 25. Regards Martin.
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