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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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i HAVE SEVERAL SILVER CIGARETTE CASES BUT NONE HAVE THE ELASTIC BANDS THAT HOLD THE CIGARETTES IN PLACE. i NEED VARIOUS LENGTHS, where on earth can I get then from? Regards Michael I can get these, I will contact you direct. Regards Martin.,
hi martin, nice site! did not know you existed!! loads to ask, but first major birthday pressie, do you stock sobrain cocktail if so how much for 200? Yes, glad you found me. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Do you ship to the U.S and if yes, what is the postage? Thanks Yes, postage depends on the items. Select and I will quote. Regards Martin.
hi, i am looking for a dashboard pipe holder for my austin seven, do you have one? is there such a thing? thank you DAI. Yes, I will contact you. Regards Martin.
Hi is it possible to still get sobraine cocktail cigs, and what is longest cigarettes available is it 120 Many thanks Yes, I will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
Sullivan Powell Turkish, Mmmmm.... I used to get these from their shop in the Burlington Arcade, when I worked in Bond Street, as my weekend treat. What would be the best alternative ? Timmmmm. Only alternative is the Tor turkish! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, Do you know if organically grown rolling tobacco is available in the uk (or elsewhere for that matter) ? It is not. AM spirit is available in 35grm pouches! Regards Martin.
I was in France several years ago and as I was leaving Charles de Gaulle Airport, I stepped into the duty free shop and saw a very large and quite tall tin of Dunhillís 965 My Mixture tobacco. It must have held 100g or more. I should have purchased it, but thought better of it, for some reason. I am a longtime pipe smoker and love 965. Canít explain why I didnít purchase the tin. A friend of mine is going to London on business in the next two weeks. He said he would gladly pick up such a tin if I could describe it for him. Alas, I have looked everywhere and canít find a description of the tin. I wonder if you might send me some information on that particular tin of 965 tobacco? Was it a special edition? A collectorís edition, or just a tall tin of 965? Iíd like to get such a tin on my friendís trip to London if at all possible. Thank you All best, Fred Brown tennwriter@bellsouth.net I can supply in 50grm tins?
I live in the Boston area of the U.S. and used to be able to purchase these Yenidje cigarettes at Pierce & Leavitt in Cambridge, Mass. I recently went there looking for some and was told they can't get them anymore. Is it possible to get them at all, and if not, is there anything similar available ...at ...ever ...anywhere? Thanks, Peter Sorry no longer available. Regards Martin.
I have a Dunhill Rollagas which I purchased (working) on ebay....Like a fool I cleaned the part where the gas comes out with silver cleaner and it no longer works! Any ideas? Kind Regards Gary Sanders Double check the flame control and that the lighter has a flint! Otherwise I can service it for you. Please contact me direct for this service. Regards Martin.
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