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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Dear Martin. What an amazing site. Do you have a minimum order requirement? If so what is it? Regards Bridgette Thanks. Two packets of these min! Regards Martin.
Martin, I'm wondering, what are good brands of Turkish-made cigarettes that I can get these days? I'm not talking about Western brands that use just some Turkish tobacco, I'm looking for actual Turkish-made cigarettes, and I'm having a very hard time finding these. It's okay even if you don't stock them, but could you recommend to me some brands? Thanks! Arthur The only ones are the Westerns ! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Could you explain to me the difference between flake and ready rubbed tobbaco and the way they affect the quality of the smoke? This type of tobacco is made in a block. The block is cut up into strips (Flakes). If these flakes are machine rubbed then we have a Ready rubbed. Flakes smoke slower with the RR being easier to smoke. Regards Martin.
what is white snuff? Sugar rather than tobacco based. Regards Martin.
My normal supplier (Dunhill) tells me that the above line has been discontinued as Murrays have closed down. Is this all Dunhilll or just this brand? If I have to change, what would you suggest? 50% of the Dunhill range has gone! Have some supplies left of these!! Regards Martin.
Do you know if San Toy cheroots are still made Not imported into the UK at least! Have Jade from Burma!? Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, As a Dutch resident, it seems impossible to get hold of any Dunhill pipe tobacco save M.M.965 or Standard Mixture Medium while I crave for Durbar, Royal Yacht and Night Cap. Could You be able to provide this and if not do You have any idea where I could get it? Kind regards, Martin Nilsson The Hague I can supply all of these exsept Dunbar! Regards Martin.
Do you sell or can you get Player's light King Size cigarettes here and could you post them to us by mail to Norhtumberland? Sorry no Canadian available here! Regards Martin.
Trying to duplicate the Balkan Sobranie mixture dating from the mid 1970's imported to USA. Any contemporary products similar that can be sent to USA? In my view this is not posible! Regards Martin.
Martin, Used to buy this in Manchester in the 1950's! Is it still around-if not what is similar--and oldie wanting to rturn to pipe smoking. Richard Sorry not heard of this one. Regards Martin.
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