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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi Martin, in the upsurge of the internet do you still produce the 'Tobacco Index' it used to be a great read.... No, it is now my online Prepacketed tobaccos. Regards Martin.
hi martin i wish to stop smoking and move onto taking snuff.Could you tell me what brand of snuff to start with, and what type of snuff box to use. many thanks MARTYN Try a box of the small Assorted. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Which pipe tobaccos on your site are free of additives, like American Spirit cigarette tobacco? regards, Alex None now! Macbaren did produce Only Tobacco but it did not sell! Regards Martin.
I do have a question regarding the old pipe tobacco The Balkan Sobranie smoking mixture. Are tins still avalible? Is there some thing that is like this mix?This is for and old Dr. friend who smoked this with warm thoughts of days gone by!Any help would be welcomed! Richard The whole brand has gone now including the tins! Regards Martin.
hi martin, i see you stock djarum clove, but do you do any other flavours? if not, do you know where I can get these from in the uk? kind regards Tricia Only these flavours here. Regards Martin.
Hi, Handsome. I smoke Samson Mild tabacco. Role my own. Have several packs of Dry Tabacco. Bought here in the states. How can I re-moisten the tabacco? Sincerely. Yours Truely Lay the tobacco out on a sheet and spray with water. Leave for a while and mix-up and return to a pouch! Should do the trick
Hello Martin,is it possible still to buy Bondman.My dads favourite. Sorry gone now ! My Kendal Dark is very near? Regards Martin.
The above brand is a favourite of a friend but I cant find it anywhere in the UK - can you help. Many thanks. No Middlletons here now BUT have the Moods back under the Ritmeester label?? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. Am experimenting with different types of snuff. Would like to try a stong suff,maybe toast variety? not sure about it. Any info much appreciated. Regards. Nick Yes "strong" can be dark and moist or very dry like the toasted! Regards Martin.
Martin, I see that Sobranie Black Russian and Cocktail cigarettes have made a welcome return. Sobranie also used to do a virginia cigarette (white box with gold lettering), which were very good. Do you know if these are available again? Also, what is the minimum order of Sobranie cigs that you will ship within the UK? Regards Lee Never I fear ! But who knows? Regards Martin.
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