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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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please let me know where i can order Three Castle tins we have seaeched everywhere I do not believe they are anywhere on the market! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, Please can you give me some info about this pipe tobacco (if you have some)i am led to believe it is made by G&h but not sure and what are the ingredients. Kind regards Simon It is from G&H and is a clone of the Murray's Irish slices! I can supply if you send a direct e.mail? Regards Martin.
Hi, i was wondering if you can buy the blakc ciggarettes in any local shop or just on here, no worries if you can only buy them on here i will be happy to purchase. Could be in some shops but I would prefer you buy from me! Regards Martin.
Martin, as a new pipe smoker I purchase 50g of Huccaby Dane from your establishment and am really enjoying it. I would like to know what packaged tobaccos are similar to HD in flavour and smoke. Whilst I will buy more HD from you when in Exeter, I'd like to know what is similar in case I run out and am unable to order/buy from you in time. The best answer is for me to mail it to you between visits!? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. Can you still get spare parts for the above which I purchased from e bay Do not think so. Regards Martin.
Martin. I just stuck my head out of the sand; I smoke very little (pipes) over the summer and very few new tobacco tins were used. I here tales of Dunhill shifting ther productions to another. Is this true? any thoughts Richard Yes they have moved their production to another factory that they own, ie Orlik in Denmark. They have also cut the range!! Regards Martin.
Martin, Do you stock/can you get Swisher Sweet Kings? Sorry this version is not availble in the UK. Regards Martin.
besides size is there any difference between the invincible and the imperial The Imperial is sweet! Regards Martin.
I have just returned from amsterdam & found a ready rolled menthol cigarette I like If possible I would like to purcahse some of these cigarettes I have a menthol rolling tobacco in my range but not the Barclay one. Regards Martin.
Can you send me to Sydney Australia, a packet of each, Black Russian and Cocktail, as these are no longer imported and have some friends that don't know they ever existed. Dennis in Ozland Yes, select and I will quote. Regards Martin.
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