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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Do you do repairs to pipes, restemming etc? Yes, perhaps phone for full details. Regards Martin.
Have 3 pipes still in original boxes all unsmoked. Was looking for a info & value for ins purpses. Imperial in in script on box, pipe/stem. The box has Made by the Civic Company Limited London, England & on box says TREBLE Sorry,valuing not my thing! Regards Martin.
Do you have roller papers for cigarettes? The kind that you do not use with a roller machine. My husband likes to make his cigarettes really skinny so no machine tubes! Yes, what make do you want? Regards Martin.
Hello! As you may know Dunhill stopped to produced the above mentionned tobacco. Do you have something similar in your collection? Regards, Patrick Sorry, do not know this House blend. They were never available on the open market! Regards Martin.
do you repair dunhill rollergas lighters? Yes, the cost is 95.00.Return to me and I will do the rest. Regards Martin.
Martin: Have you access to John Sinclair Highland Slices? Best, Danno Yes,it is on my site. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, can you supply White Owl (sweet) Minature Cigars. If you can what do I place on the order form. many thanks Yes, They are 7.00 for a packet of 5. Regards Martin.
Hi , i've got my grandma old dunhill lighter , rollagas style i think , it had a little leak from the bottom but i think my dad superglued it (yes i know) could you repair it ? regards Jamie Not a problem. Ring me and I can arrange. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin! Will appreciate if you could please advise regarding the following: I had several pouches of Amphora Tobacco kept in a drawer for several years, and when opened one of them, the tobacco was dry. Ronald Lay the tobacco out and spray with a fine mist of water. Leave to soak in and rub up. You should be able to find the balance. Regards Martin.
hi martin , where can i buy captain black pipe tobacco ? do you sell it or no ? best regard , babak I have the US Lanes version!? Regards Martin.
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