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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Am having a party and have some friends who smoke, although I don't. Would like to buy some colourful/party type but mild cigarettes. I remember seeing some once, they were pink, glittery and all different colours. Is this what you supply? Thanks These are the one! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Why can't you send the TOR cigarettes I inquired about to the United States? Any other method you know of for a person in the states to obtain some? I'm Desperate! -Matt There is a US customs restriction of the import of Cigarettes for some reason! Contact me again by dirrect e.mail and we will see what we can do. Regards Martin.
Electric scooters are allowed on public transit (bus/train/plane) whereas gas-powered scooters are prohibited. Noise and air pollution of gas-powered scooters is eliminated. ???
Martin, I'm a do-it-yourselfer. I've been able to dissasemble a older Rollagas except for the gas jet/supply tube assembly. What is the trick for getting this out? Thanks Lin Zoller Trick of the trade! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I'm looking for Sweet Afton h/r tobacco but can not find it on your site. Also can you advise on other h/r mild tobaccos that you sell? Thanks Sue The Afton is not available now in the UK. Our Three Castles is good plus the broader cut Kendal bright! Regards Martin.
Hi martin, i hear dunhill nightcap has been discontinued. Is that true and do you have any available? thanks john It is true! Have a good alternative! Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I have heard of a new cigar from Peterson {as mentioned in the subject line} but apparently it's not going to be available in the UK - I spoke to a chap in the Davidoff shop in London and he'd never heard of them... Yet I found out from a mailing from Peterson themselves! Is there any chance you can get hold of them? I'm going to be in Exeter over the weekend of the 2nd of December. I'm particularly interested in getting hold of a few of the Belicoso types to try them out. Many thanks, Regards, Richard Sampson. Your information is correct, but as you also say, it is not available in the UK! Regards Martin.
I have been searching for a semi-authentic turkish flavoured cigarette. Here in the states, the only cigarette even close would be GA Ardron's Turkish Specials; and those are rare to find. Can you tell me about the availability of TOR Turkish and Oriental Blend cigarettesin Europe, and perhaps a supplier? They are available in the UK but I am unable to send to the States. Regards Martin.
Are there still tobacconists in the UK that could supply Pall Mall gold 100's, and how much per pack of 20 ?.(or per 200) cheers,Richard. No, not available here. Regards Martin.
Where can one purchase burma cheroots? I have the Jada from Burma on my site. Regards Martin.
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