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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi Martin I am looking for a gift box called Dunhill 5 Choice Blends. It consists of 5x50g tins of My Mixture 965, Standard Mixture Medium, The Royal Yacht, Early Morning Pipe & Nightcap. I see from your web that you sell all these individually have you heard of this gift box? Indeed, do you stock it? Thankyou Kirsty The set is no longer available. Have some of the items on their own!. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin Do you stock any form of Davidoff Pipe Tobacco? I have heard of English and Irish mixture and they come in red or green tins? If not could I have some advice on where to get some. Many thanks I just stock there Red (mild) but can get the others for you. They are extensive at £11.50 a 5grm tin! Email direct if you want to order. Regards Martin.

For those who like snuff- Young Martin’s the buff- He deals in tobacco all day. No matter the brand- He’ll have it to hand, And send it on through straight away.

I needed a box for an old wily fox- Who’d lost his whilst shopping one day Imagine his grin- When he empties his tin- In the snuffbox delivered today.

With Christmas around- And all chasing pounds- It’s nice to find someone who says; ‘Put Customers’ needs- Before our own greed’, How nice are the old fashion ways!

Thanks for being so expeditious with my order for a snuff box. One slight problem - it's started me off again, you'll be receiving an order for snuff after the holidays.

Have a nice Christmas and thanks.

Thanks, we have a poet in are mist! Regards Martin. HApPY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL!!!
Please could you explain any differnces between cigar and cigarette lighter ,if any? Thank you a Cigar lighter can have a wider flame or many be one of the high power jets! Also they have cigar cutters build in. Regards Martin.
No idea
I am looking to buy some Balkan Sobranie Cocktail cigarettes, do you hold them or are you able to direct me to a stockist locally. Brighton East Sussex. I stock them on my site under Specialist cigarettes. Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, do you stock irish tobaccos particularly plug or cake ? Yes I stock Irish plugs. See my site under Murray near the end of their list. Regards Martin.
Is it still posible to buy Sweet Afton cigarettes (such great memories of smoking these when I was a little younger!). if so, where from? Many thanks Sorry not in the UK! Regards Martin.
can you still get tins of golden virginia No, not available now. Regards Martin.
Please can you tell me if this brand still available? If so, where? Many Thanks Gone! Sorry. Regards Martin.
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