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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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what methods do you use in your manufacture of this blend? do you soak the leaf in a chinese bath? ie: is the tobacco water steeped to produce a milder smoother smoke? Sorry no! But an interesting idea!! Regards Martin.
Do you know where I could purchase some Sweet Afton Cigarettes? - Jimmy Still possible in Ireland! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin! I wander why being so much people included myself missing Balkan Sobranie. No one bother to bring it back to the market. I enjoy your site very, very much. All the best, Hector. The name is owned by a Giant company who are not worried about the sale of a "minor" tobacco brand!! Regards Martin.
Martin, I've been trying to find Balkan Sobranie pipe tobacco and have come to learn that it's no longer available. Could you recommend a brand/blend of tobacco that would be similar to the original Balkan Sobranie (grey tin). Scott B. Grey tin takes me back! Email me direct and I will think on the solution! Regards Martin.
Gauloises Disque Bleu cigarettes Yes I have them! Regards Martin.
The flint holder on my GP Barley Rollagas plain cap pocket lighter is broken. Can it be replaced or the part purchased for me to replace? Need to do a full service! Please phone for details. Regards Martin.
When was Hedges L260 snuff first produced? Nobody seems to know! Me too! Have you visited http://www.snuffbox.org.uk Great forum for snuff. Regards Martin.
Is Perfection Mixture still available? if so do you stock it? Many thanks, Chris. Yes. Not in stock but I can order in. Regards Martin.
I haven't got credit card and would like make an order from you. Do you accept any other payment methods, like bank transfer of moneybookers. Stirling money order next best! Regards Martin.
Ahoy, I bought a selection of cigars from you a couple of months ago. I have a friend going to Devon tomorrow and i'd like a reorder. I'm interested in a box of hand rolled torpedos--Cohiba if you have them. Hows much, innocuosly wrapped for posting to the US. She'll mail them to me from Exeter, I hope. Cheers and oasty oatyohs to you, Jim Forbes Also, could you type your phone number in the return reply with country code, village prefix and castle encoding so that I can past it into my SKype VOIP window and call yhou for fre free freeeeee? No email address to reply to! But I hopeyour friend has come in? Regards Martin.
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