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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi Martin ,can you tell me the weight of quintex pipe please. reg h 45grms ish! Regards Martin.
I was given some Organic tobacco through a friend to try, it was very blonde in colour.. I cant remember the name of the brand and it was not Americn Spirit, do you know any other brand?? I do not know of a Organic h/r tobacco. Am Spirit is Additive free! Regards Martin.
I have recently taken up snuff as an alternative to cigarettes. While I enjoy the experience enormously, I find the brown powder leaves an unpleasant crust in my nostrils. I have heard that there is a white snuff. Is this true? If it does exist where can I get it? What kind of flavour does it have ? The White snuff is Snuffy from Poschl,s. It is a sugar bases snuff so a different effect! Regards Martin.
How much would a B10 (rustic black bowl,305 shape/wide amber stem) cost me? Do Petersons manufacture this in XL305 shape (as per their system shape chart on their site) & if so, again, how much would this cost be? Many thanks for your time in answering this query and I still have the last pipe you sent me which is providing stirling service. Regards J.R Allen, St Ives The B10 is only available in Killarney filter(smooth p/lip). The Royal Irish Natural (brown smooth bowl/Amber stem) in a 05 is 85.00. The 05 is similar to the 305. This is the UK market view! Other ranges available in different countries! Regards Martin.
Canyou supply the brown unfiltered variety? Sorry,not avalable in the UK. Regards Martin.
looked on your site cannot find any white owls or any miniture white owls which are they and how much are they plus do you have or can you get any other larger cigars which are sweet tipped ? I have the White Owl Invincible and Miniatures in stock.? Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Please can you tell me what flavour/blend they used in the manufacture of St Julien tobacco Sorry no! Regards Martin.
The flint holder on my rollagas lighter is broken. (the little gizmo that pops out so you can insert the flint). Here in the states they want $99.00 for repair. I can purchase reconditioned on e-bay for much less. Can the part be replaced without spending a fortune? I would be glad to send it to you. Sorry parts are not available! Only full service. Regards Martin.
I once obtained a tin of the pure yenidge turkish which was sold as handrolling tobacco (fine shag cut) sold by Balkan Sobranie.. (approx 1975?) .. This was the same tobacco as used in their famous tin (white) of cigarettes. I want some, flavour exact, brand name unimportant. Shag cut preferred, but after 20 years search I shan't be difficult about it. Thank You for any assistance you may provide. Mitch Shrader Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Impossible now! Sad times!! Regards Martin.
Do You Find Amber Leaf Is Always Dry Even After just opening It. I'm Trying To Find There Website, You Dont Know Where i Can Find it Do You Sir? many Thanks Suggest buying it from me or another sourse that buys direct from Gallaher! Regards Martin.
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