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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hey Martin, could you send me your list of cigs to smoke in place of Balkan Sobranies? Thanks, James. Sorry no list. A few of my Cigs are listed on my site. Regards Martin.
Do you supply Medium Black Pigtail (Twist) pipe tobacco. I am aware that Gawith, hoggarth and Co produce it but cannot seem to find it anywhere to buy? Yes, I stock most of their twist and the others I can always get. Regards Martin.
do you know why Davidoff Magnum are no longer available? Sales did not make the volumes required nationally! Regards Martin.
Do you sell all varietiesCopenhagen snuff No available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hi - I have a sealed pack of 20 Sullivam Powell no 1 turkish - are they worth anything? Thanks If a reader wants them!? I will let you know! Regards Martin.
Martin, I have a gold Dupont Lighter which I think must be about 50 yrs old - belonged to my late Father.. It is not in working condition. It has a serial number H3GJ48. Two questions: 1. Is it worth repairing? 2. What is it worth? Could send you an image if that would help. Tks - David Strelitz If you like the lighter it is worth repairing. Worth new around 200! Regards Martin.
I am looking for an old brand of cigarette. It came in a tin of ten rolled smokes. The tin was white with a black and white scene of workers gathering/harvesting the tobacco in a field. It said " Balkan Sobrani" on the top of the tin. The smokes were unfiltered. I was able to get them here in the states. They were imported for the UK. Do these still exist? Is there any other brand of cigarette that is pure balkan tobacco? Rolling tobacco would be fine. Kindest regards, Christian Von Woll No longer with us! Regards Martin.
were sweet afton cigarettes available in Ireland in 1934 ? I am doing research for a novel. My guess would be-Yes. Regards Martin.
hi there where can i buy Ziganov vanilla cigaretes in or near Manchester ? and also ... what would be the best kind of cigarette holder for a young sophisticated 20yr old ? thanks No idea, but I can send them to you? Regards Martin.
Whats the difference between J & H Wilsons and Wilsons (Sharrow)? Are they one and the same? Two different companies! J&H were in Sheffield with the name now owned by Imperial tobacco. Wilsons/sharrow are independant and still in Sheffield. Regards Martin.
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