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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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I imagine the Le Khdive of my youth are extinct, but is it possible to get hold of Egyptian cigarettes? CHRISTOPHER BUSBY Not possible, I am sorry to relate. Regards Martin.
Do you sell Sullivan Cigarettes? Thanks, Brandon McBride Gone many years ago. Regards Martin.
I miss my condor original. Can I order it from you. If so, what is approximate delivery time and what is cost per brown packet, if that is still the way it is sold I would be pleased to supply Condor long cut to you. You will find it on my site under Prepacked tobaccos and I will quote. About 5 days in transit to you. Regards Martin.
hello....I have in my possession a large snuff box, handmade. I was told that the size is too big for a snuff box. I am curious to know if any of yours are similar in size to mine?....4 1/2"L by 2 3/4"W by 1 3/4" deep. I appreciate any help. Thank-you, Carol Could be a table top snuff box! Regards Martin.
Can you please advise if there is a currrent pipe tobacco with Havana/cuban leaf mixture availble through your excellent tobacconist outlet - Many thanks John Yes, I have a 250grm tin on my site. Regards Martin.
The weak point with these lighters is the gas valve activated by opening the top. In the good old days Dunhill used to send me free replacements which were simple to fit. Can you still get the part? thanks Sorry no, service is the only option. Regards Martin.
Any chance you can get hold of Winfield Gold - or do you know anywhere i can get them? Just arrived in the uk from Australia and cant get them anywhere. Thanks Dave Not available this side of the globe! Regards Martin.
martin, I have been pipe smoking for a while now and apart from pushing a pipe cleaner through them havent really cleaned them. I have had a look at the cleaning products o youre site and I am A bit bewildered by them. The bowels need to be decarbonated and the the mouth pieces need some attention. Will I need a sepeate product. Do i need a pipe sweatener spray ? pLease advise For the decarbonising your need a Senior reamer. The cleaners are for outside of bowl or Stem or inside of pipe. So four separate items!! I do have the Con-dit-kit which contains all the Cleaner? Then you just need a Reamer. Regards Martin. Nb:The Spray is for metal pipe,ie Falcon.
I tried some King Edwards small filtered cigars in Mexico when I was getting nagged for taking an hour over a cuban - and cant seem to find them in the UK - any ideas? No Filtered KE's in the UK. Regards Martin.
I believe that some years ago I bought a "tinned" tobacco by the name of Charatan (No 6, if I remember rightly) - do you know if this is still available, or is my memory playing tricks! I think "tricks"! Regards Martin.
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