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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Liquorice rolling papers? I have Swan and Rizla?? Regards Martin.
Martin, Purchased a box of White Owl New Yorker cigars duty free in New Zealand, cannot find anyone in UK who stocks them. Can you? I would like to buy a box of 50s If yes can tou supply a price and time frame for delivey please. Cheers, Greg. oh P.S......I have a friend going to Cuba is there any significant savings say buying a box of top cigars over there? Only Invicible and Minatures available here. Enjoy your trip to Cuba and be careful what you pick up! Regards Martin.
Dear Mr. Martin, what are the differences between Forrestal's Lanes Captain Black Regular and Murray and Sons' Captain Black Regular? Are both the Captain Black White pouch as from Lane Limited? I Think I'm a bit confused..... Thank You and Greetings from Italy None of these tobaccos are now available in the UK. Regards Martin.
I purchased a packet of sugar tipped egyptian cigarettes a few years ago from your shop but cant seem to find them on your website. Could you advise Nice idea! But not available here in the UK. Regards Martin.
Do you sell replacement mouthpieces for most pipes, or only for certain makes of pipe? Many thanks for your co-operation. We make them for the various pipes! Email me direct for further details. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, got a lot of old things when my grandfather died a while ago. Among some old tin's with tobacco: 1, Martin's Carlyle, from Martin Limited, 62, Piccadilly, London. 2, Westminster Smoking Mixture from Westminster tobacco company CO.Ltd. 3, Seadoc Medium Mixture, Walker's tobacco company Co. Ltd. Mercy Liverpool. The tin,s look werry old, and are all sealed.do you have a closer idea? Regards from Norway Not sure what you want to know about these tobaccos? Regards Martin.
Can you still get St,Julian Hand Rolling Tobacco,( Blue ) in 50g Packets,and if so,how much per packet ? Many Thanks ! Not available now. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I've just bought an Fairfax humidor with a an "Aztec Clay Moistener" can you please tell me how the moistener is used? Many thanks Martin Clayton I do not know the product but Water must be added somewhere. Regards Martin.
Have 2 old Dunhill Root Briar Pipes with '2' in circle plus 'R' on one side. Think they're 60's or 70's? 250 F/T and 34 F/T Should I polish them before selling - how much approx are they worth? Things look better polished! Regards Martin.
do you repair dupont lighters Yes, please phone for more details. Regards Martin.
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