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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Martin Is there any limit on the length of time unopened pipe tobacco will keep? Does this vary on whether it is in a tin or a plastic pouch ? regards Nick No limit in my view! Taste may change but some for the better!! Regards Martin.
sorry for the last e.mail why are the new lighters holders too small for the flints ? Sorry butI do not stock the Swan flint! Regards Martin.
St George pipe flame made in london england, bent stem style like new Who mad it ? Any Value? Alos have a made in France pipe says sparkproof and weather proof has cover on blow that swivels toward stem to open for tobacco... Nice condition Any Value? Valuing not my game! Regards Martin.
Is it possible to buy Vogue Superslim Menthols from any UK stockists? I know they're available in duty free at the airport, but this is a problem for someone who keep flying within the EU!! In addition, all the online stockists seem to be US based... I hope for stock in the next few weeks! Regrds Martin.
Hi there Martin, is there such a thing a snuff vending machine? and would you know where I could purchase these from? Cheers Stu No such item. Good idea though! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, I have recently bought a secondhand line 2 dupont lighter, but how do I know it is genuine, it seems well made and has a serial number, but i understand there are lots of fakes around, any advice, thanks David I know by the feel and look. Impossible to tell otherwise. Regards Martin.
dear martin, hello, i am a fellow customer, need to ask- in the USA there is a tobacco called Penzance a flake made by Germains consisting of: Virginias, choice Turkish and Orientals and Cyprian Latakia, all hand blended together, hard pressed and broad cut into thick flakes. . considered one of the finest traditional English Flakes (Known in the United Kingdom as "Krumble Kake.") do u stock this tobacco i looked for it under tabac world ltd. but not sure? kind regards London UK. Sorry neither of these tobaccos are in the UK! Regards Martin.
Do you carry tins of a (non rubbed) pipe tobacco called Ogdens St. Bruno's Flake No available here in tins anymore. Regards Martin.
I have cigarette tubes with filters attached and I had some loose tobacco from USA to make the cigarettes with. Tobaccos like Drum and Golden Virginia are too damp and you have to use a lot of tobacco to fill up the ready made tubes. Where can I find drier tobacco for these cigarette tubes? Thank you You can leave damp tobacco out to dry or I sell real tubing tobaccos. Please phone. Regards Martin.
Hi Could you recommend me a good tobacco for Peace Pipe smoking? And also, is Shire's Mixture any good? Many Thanks. Any Mellow tobacco!! The Shires is good if you like a unrepeatable blend! Regards Martin.
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