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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Do you know where I can get a Dunhill "S" Lighter repaired? Sorry these are unrepairable! Regards Martin.
I would like to use snuff that does not have pesticides and herbicides in it. How can I order organic snuff online? I can not know any "pesticides and herbicides" free snuffs! Perhaps the trade should start progressing in this market!! Regards Martin.
New to snuff, haven't tried it yet, would like to. What's a good starting snuff for the beginer? The small Assorted selection! Regards Martin.
Hi I understand murrays might not be around for long. Does this mean mick mcquaid will not be either? Don The MM range is now made in Denmark. So should be OK for a while! Regards Martin.
My dad was bought cigars. 1/2 doz on a card, 6 inches long perhaps and wrapped in cellophane. Nothing fancy. They were called Virginia cigars and smelt and tasted of rich coffee. I cant track down on the net - any ideas or do you sell anything similar Need a makers name? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin ,my sasieni ONE DOT its marked 89 GSB...89 is the shape but can You tell me anything about GSB nomenclature? tnx Best regards Fulvio Sorry no. Regards Martin.
Dear sir, are Player s Navy Cut Cigarettes still for sale in Britain? They disappeared from all other European markets, don't know why. Regards, Tilmann. I have stocks here! The main reason for the withdrawl from the main lane is lack of volume sales! Regards Martin.
Martin just a note, your description of Ziganov says since the discontinuation of sobranie cocktails... Thought maybe that since they are back you might like to change it. Are Virginia Slims available in the UK at all? Good point,thanks!! Vslims nort available here. Regards Martin.
Martin Is there any benefit in using manufactures'pipe cleaning fluid to clean the inside of pipe stems ?? I've heard that a pipe cleaner dipped I your favourite spirit will do the trick !! Nick Yes, extra cleanness! Regards Martin.
I am desperate to find replacement pipe stems. I will need both straight and curved, can you supply them? What made are they for? Regards Martin.
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