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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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I have an antique meerschaum which I dropped the other day and the stem broke. Is there any chance of getting it replaced. I'll be in England from August 16. Could follow up then. Thanks Mac Yes but I will need the pipe for 3-4 weeks!? Phone or email me direct. Regards Martin.
found a pack of turkish specials from my grandfather from the 1940s. I smoked one, and it was the best. Where could I purchase some more? NO MORE!! Regards Martin.
I wonder if you have any idea where I might obtain a new bowl for a Falcon Brentford pipe. Thanhs. Peter Very rare now ! Sorry no idea. Regards Martin.
Hi Please could you advise of some nice!! herbal hand rolling tabacco. I am Hopeing to give up so something without Nicotine would be good I've tried healh food shops but they all smoke and tase really badley. Please help. Many thanks The Honeyrose range is the only one but nothing smokes like tobacco!! Regards Martin.
Do you sell American Spirit cigarettes in cartons, and if so how much is it and how many packs are in them. Also do you stock any of the other American Spirit cigarettes, eg the organic ones? Thanks A carton is ten packets. A carton is currently 56.60. This is the only range in the UK. Regards Martin.
I understand that these cigarettes are now being sold again in the U,K. Where is the nearest retailer for these cigarettes in hertfordshire? I remember them from my formative years. I can supply by mail order!? Regards Martin.
dear Martin , my wife has just left me , because i smoke to many cigars, do you think i should quit the misses or the smoke? Which do you like the best! Regards Martin. nb:Agony aunt now!!
Do you have a catalogue please. Brian Ringrose No Catalogue these days, its all on the net! Regards Martin.
In the snuff section you advertise "Single Large ATT (minimum order 10 mixed snuffs)". What does "ATT" stand for? ATT=Air tight tins. Regards Martin.
Hi, Do you sell Lucky Strikes in store? Thanks, John Yes but not shown on my site! If you require please phone? Regards Martin.
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