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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Dear Martin, Could you please tell me which blend would be the mildest i can get. regards Geoff Morris My Kendal Gold (Loose range) or Cutters Bright (H/R tobaccos) Regards Martin.
Strange question, do you remember the Portland Pipe Company, Jeffreys Place, London. I am looking for anybody who knows/dealt with this company. Thanks Sorry no input! Regards Martin.
Did tou get my e-mail about the possible supply of G KARELIAS plain turkish ovals, Rameses 2 Egyptians and Danaman Brasil small cigars? Geoff Nyburg All in the past in the UK! Regards Martin.
are balkan sobranie cigarettes & pipe tobacco available ? thank you, mark There are only Sobranie Black Russian and Cocktail these days!? Regards Martin.
I need to source some quite specific parts for a dunhill rollalite (petrol with the automatic opening mechanism) - can you help me? How can I tell if a Dunhill is solid silver rather than plate - is there some sort of mark? Sorry no. Regards Martin.
Hi there, Do you sell corn cob pipes? Yes, perhaps phone if you would like details. Regards Martin.
Hi, Do you stock mentholated 9mm pipe filters please and how much are they please? Sorry do not know of any! Regards Martin.
Hello Sir, i was wondering if you could tell me what is the closest Turkish brand cigarette that is like the old Morland Specials that used to be sold in Grosvenor Street before the 1960's. If not could you please recommend me the best Turkish tobacco cigarette you know today My Tor Turkish are the nearest! Regards Martin.
Hi, Martin. I`m writting form Brazil and i want to know what do you think about the Balkan Sobranie produced by Sobranie of London. They were unique! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin, I used to have rubber tips (the ones for people with dentures although I don't actually have any) on all my pipes because I liked the soft bite. Unfortunately, I have developed a terrible allergy against rubber. Is there anything else made from a different material I could use? I have a very pointed tooth, which means that I bite through a mouthpiece in no time without a rubber tip. I hope you can help. Thanks, Tom. The rubber ones are the only ones! Regards Martin.
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