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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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I bought a cigarrette machine. I have also bought cigarrette filter tubes. What is remaining is the tobacco. I have no idea what type of tobacco to buy to suit the filter tube. Is there a light tobacco in terms of nicotine, tar etc? Kind regards I have a range, I will email you direct with the list. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, do you have other types of americian spirit tobacco? i look for the pouches in light blue colour..or do you have the box size of the pouches you have in stock? ty very much for your help Only the one available here. Regards Martin.
Hi, Do you know where Esoterica Tobacciana is made and why its not available in the UK with such british names? Phil, Plymouth It was made for the US market, need I say more. Regards Martin.
hi martin can you help, i am looking for the older style rollie machine that comes in green or black cant find them anywhere ... Yes, I have a few. Will email you further details. Regards Martin.
Hi, Can you get Nat Sherman fantasias? I can't seem to find them anywhere... Not available in the UK. Have the Sobranie Cocktail in the colours. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin Can you give me a quote for new seals and a service on a Dunhill lighter. Seems to be a leak from burner valve. Regards Peter Service on a Dunhill is 95 plus return postage. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I went to America a few months ago and got some parliament cigs, and wondered of you new anywhere I can get them in the uk? Thanks Sorry no. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, Is the rumour true that the old "Balkan Sobranie" cigarettes are being produced again? If so do you know where they can be ordered? Many Thanks Only a rumour, I am sure. Regards Martin.
I own a Barling Meer, smooth, white. They used to be plentiful when Laxey was in business. Mine is a half bend with silver collar. African block. Do you have any left anwhere. They used to come in white and amber. Sorry an item of the past. Regards Martin.
Hi Please could you tell me if you sell Camel lights in a tin and if you do can I buy on line Thank you Bridget. Not in the UK. Regards Martin.
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