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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi Martin, Where can I buy Balkan Sobranie Cocktail cigarettes?.......Can you get them? Cheers John From me! Regards Martin.
I have just purchased estate pipes that were stored for a long period. All of the black stems are stained and appear to have a light finish now. Is there anyway to restore the black color and polish the stems? Also is it safe to use a buffing machine on the stems? Thanks Tom Lonergan I do a few item shown on my site under Pipe accessories. Regards Martin.
Hi, having a lot of trouble locating some White Owl minatures -SWEET, can you help? Yes, I have them. Regards Martin.
Hi, 25 years ago or so --at least... I smoked BALKAN SOBRANIE cigarettes, They were filterless and came in a thin tin. Can I find these today --anywhere?? Thank you! --ML Sorry no, long gone. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, I recentley saw Butane inserts for Zippo lighters somewhere, do you stock them? If so do you have one for a pipe lighter? Many thanks Iain Hales Zippo do butane gas for their gas utility lighter? Regards Martin.
Hi - How long (in inches) are the H.Upmann Grand coronas (there is a reason for this strange question!) and do you have 5 in stock. Also do the tubed cigars still require to be clipped at the end before smoking? Many regards - Paul 5 3/4 inches and yes I do stock. Regards Martin.
Hello, could you please tell me if you accept Visa Electron for payment, or perhaps paypal instead ? Also, could you tell me if sullivan powell oval cigarettes are still available anywhere ? Thankyou Visa Electron is OK but you cannot use Paypal on Tobaccos. The oval have gone. Regards Martin.
Does nasal snuff have the same "effect" as taking a dip of Cpenhagen between cheek and gum such as nicotine amount? Thanks, I would say very similar! Regards Martin.
could u tell me if you stock wicks for zippo lighters the fillings to absorb the fluid thankyou Yes, perhaps phone with your order. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, do you have Dunhill Early morning pipe, Standrd Medium and Mixture 965 in stock? Best regards Mario. Two out of the three! Regards Martin.
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