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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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please could you tell me the difference between Dr Plump Quintex Deluxe pipe & Dr Plumb Quintex,many thanks. Slight better quality in the briar! Regards Martin.
where can i purchaseswiher sweet little cigars in the UK ? I supply the Swisher Sweets cigarrillos! Regards Martin.
Can you identify a lighter I found in our son's dresser drawer which is at least 30 years old and the only marking on it are "martin" and "main-7". It has a missing part and would like to try and have it restored as a gift to our son. Thank you. Sorry I cannot. Regards Martin.
Hi there, is there aaaanywhere that I can buy Passing Cloud cigarettes?? I have been told that i wont be able to find them, so im very determined!! Thank you nice man. Nooo! Regards Martin.
Hello Martin .. firstly,may I wish you & your Staff a very Happy & prosperous New Year. As a regular postal customer (Pipe cleaners etc) I wondered whether you might be able to source a leather (or other material) Belt-mounted Pipe holster .. My hobby (Pipe smoking apart) is Birdwatching & I feel it would be useful to have somewhere,other than a pocket to safely carry a Pipe when in the "field" .. I understand these items are available in USA but wondered if that applied in UK too ? Best regards, Kevin Barrell NE Lincs. I do have some fairly basic ones! Will contact you direct. Regards Martin.
hello,do you stock gas refills for the above lighters,many thanks,andy. Yes. Regards Martin.
Do you have White Owl 'Invincibles' or 'New Yorkers' in stock? Yes,the White Owl. Regards Martin.
hi martin looking for virginia slims in the uk - the missus ended up smoking them alot in a recent trip to the US and loved em, any idea where I can get them from? Sorry you will not find them here! Regards Martin.
Hello, i just want to know what brands of unfiltered cigarettes do you retail. Many Thanks Park Drive, Capstan Full,Seniors,Players, Piccadily and Woodbines is my list. Regards Martin.
In the James Bond novels, he smoked cigarettes made specially for him by a tobacconist. A balkan and turkish blend, if memory serves. Do many shops still do this? Make smokes blended to order? None made to order now. I have a Turkish blend in our Tor Turkish. Regards Martin.
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