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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Do you have a tobacco that resembles the old Sobranie Special Reserve (ready-rubbed and of blessed memory)? I think that the Rattrays Charles Mixture fits this bill! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. I used to purchase the above tobacco from Grudgins in Loughborough. I now need to source this elsewhere. I would be looking to buy a full pack (500gms) at a time. I also require slim pipe cleaners as on of my pipes is a Falcon. Please advise if you can supply these items and if so at what price. A guide to postal charges would also help. Thanks. Guy. Please too! Regards Martin.
I have a Petersons pipe, but the mothpeice hole is on the top, which tends to burn the roof of the mouth. Do they produce a normal mouthpiece? Dear Sir, I do have some "fishtail" stems in stock or can have one made if necessary. Do you know the shape number? Regards Martin.
Nat Sherman's (natsherman.com) cigaretellos - absolutely gorgeous cigs but I can only get them when I have friends visiting the us. Can you help? Sorry not available here. Shame though! Regards Martin.
Are you able to replace the flint holder on my Dunhill Rollagas gold plated? Thanks, Derek Need to do a complete service for you? Regards Martin.
is possible to buy ? Sorry not here. Regards Martin.
Dear Martin, I was hoping to try, and collect a few, meerschaum pipes, but while there seemed to be a fair amount on offer a couple of years ago or so, there now seem scarcely any on British websites. Is this a situation likely to improve, or is there a case now for buying up whatever one can find?! Good point! I think that these sort of things come through in waves! We just need an important collector to sell his pipes and the whole market starts to move again.! Regards Martin.
Do you stock Turner hand rolling tobacco? If you do can you give me yor price please? A. Richardson Mr. I can supply Turner Blue in 25grms and the Red in 12.5grm The minimum order would be 10 of either? Regards Martin.,
Hello, i just want to know what is the strongest (i.e one with the highest nicotine content) cigarette do you retail, even if it is filtered or unfiltered. Also what is the content of nicotine in this cigarette. Many thanks. Capstan full which is unfiltered with a yield of 0.9mg. Regards Martin.
I'm looking for 'Nappa Valley' tobacco - any chance? Thanks, Richard Sorry none in the UK. Regards Martin.
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