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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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Hi Martin, do you sell Sobranie pinks? or if not do you know where i could buy them? Hannah Only the Various colours available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Have you recently come across thos Russian cigarettes with the hollow cardboard filter? Are they still available? Yes, but none now in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hello, On holiday I bumped into a chap smoking the most amazing smelling cigarettes. The sweet smell of cherry was wonderful. I approached him, a Russian chap, and he gave me one to try. His english was very bad however i think he got them from Russia. Can you supply, or have you heard of them? Sorry no! Have Vanilla flavoured cigs from Tor! Regards Martin.
hi martin , can you get any of the other flavours in the oliver twist range .i would like to try citrus , mint and sunberry. thanks chris Not at present! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, My husband would likr to knoe if you can still get sullivan powell cigarettes? Sadly now! Have the Tor Turkish. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin. I'd like something Russian/Turkish as mild as possible, aromatic, with gold rings etc - I've looked at the specialist section and seen Djarum, Tor, Ziganov, Sobranie (for women mainly?) Any recommendations? What's the minimum order quantity as I just want to try out one or two? Thanks. All you mention would fit the bill! Minumum is just two packets. Regards Martin.
do you stock White Owl Sport Vanilla cigars? Friend of mine brough some back from the states and i really liked them. Tried looking for them on net but cant find a stockist in uk. Can you help? Not in the UK. Regards Martin.
hi, how i do moisten really dry tobacco? Add water is the answer. Lay the tobacco out and spray. Leave for a while and repack. Regards Martin.
I'm looking for a tobacco I had some time ago, and can't seem to find now. W. O. Larsen's "Classic". Blue 100gm tin with a seaport scene on it. I see you have other Larsen's tobaccos. Is this still available ? No! Larsen's down to one type now. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin - I need to replace the 'keyhole' valve assembly on my Dunhill lighter (or at least the O ring) - Do you sell these ? Kind regards. Barry So no. Dunhill keep a tight control of their parts! Regards Martin.
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