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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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I have a question about a Meerschaum pipe I have come across. It has a mans face and he is wearing a hat that has an eagle on it and an Original Amber stem/mouthpiece. The case that this pipe was in has a date of 24/3 1898. I have not been able to find a picture of this pipe to find out who the person is. I believe it is a Nobleman but I do not know from what country it is from or resembles. Any help you could provide would be great! Thanks, Todd No idea myself. But other viewer may have an idea. Regards Martin.
please could you confirm-above flake is blue tin wo larson original.with thanks graham hunt Sorry this is discontinued in the UK. Regards Martin.
Can you supply a new stem for a Dunhill Wednesday pipe (from the week set) It is a briar with the number (I think)331, and on the other side 3A. Can you also repair a leaky Ronson Comet lighter? Dr. G.Hyde Yes, will mail you direct. Regards Martin.
Mi Martin. Any chance you can get hold of some of the American 120mm brands? Ones like Virginia slims 120's or Capri 120's? Sorry no chance. Regards Martin.
Please can you tell me where I can get Honeydew Mixture, pipe tobacco. Kind Regards. Honeydew is a style of pipe tobacco. There was a Rich Dark Honeydew tobacco many years ago\! Regards Martin.
Do you still stock them? If so, what is the price? Best wishes, Terry Shepherd Gone a long while ago! Regards Martin.
I was just wondering whether Players No. 6 cigarettes are still available - haven't seen them for years. I'm looking for a cigarette relatively low on added chemicals if possible! Gone! Regards Martin.
Hi Martin I was in your shop while visiting Exeter a few weeks ago and your staff suggested I email you. I was wondering if you would ever consider selling the model you've had in your window for years of the boy kssing the girls? I know it's not working but it has great sentimental value for my husband who grew up in Exeter. His Mum, who died when he was just 7, used to take him to see it every week when he was little! Thanks, Alison Dear Alison, Thanks for your interest but it is not for sale. Regards Martin.
I'm trying to recreate a blend my father used to make years ago, and he said he used Balkan Sobranie Black...looks like it was discontinued, though. Any idea on where I might track some down? Thanks. Think it has gone on most markets! I can suggest some alternatives? Regards Martin.
It is it possible to buy Woodbine Cigarettes once made by WD & HO Wills. I live in the Glasgow area. Thank you Agnes Yes, I have them. Regards Martin.
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