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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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HI, I have a box set of W.D. & H.O Wills patience cards from 1933. There are two sets of cards measuring 4x7cm. One black and gold and the other red and silver, each card has a bird in flight on it. There is a booklet with selected patience games inside and another card which i presume is to keep track of the games. Could you tell me how much this would be worth now and who would be interested in buying this set? Many thanks Mel Roach Not me but if I get anyone contacting me about them then I will let you know. Regards Martin.
I am looking for cheroots, my dad keeps talking about these. I notice you have them, but in only one brand are there any others? his birthday is on the twelfth of this month. how much in total inc p&p? Karen Moore The Jade is the only one. Regards Martin.
Hi, I was wondering if you can supply "Swisher Sweets little cigars"? I know there are a few different ones but I am looking for the ones in a soft packet that are the size of cigaretts with a filter? Thanks for your time Peter. Only Cigarillos here!? Regards Martin.
While clearing out my father in law's house I came across a lot of tins of Three Nuns tobacco (50g) and was wondering if I could sell them anywhere, and would it be suitable for making into cigarettes? Not suitable for h/r. Regards Martin.
Do you stock Backwoods Honey cigars Yes, will email you direct. Regards Martin.
do you have such a thing as nicotine free tobacco? Have given up the nicotine and dont want to go through that again but occasionally want to smoke something... Any ideas I do a range of Honeyrose products!? Regards Martin.
I was wondering, can pipe tobacco be used for rolling? Normally to thick a cut! Regards Martin. try,if it works then it works!!
Hi Martin Can i get parts for a Dunhill rollagas lighter.I need the small o-ring seal for the preset flame adjuster on the bottom,or a set of o-rings for it.(filler valve..etc..)Thanks Martin Sorry no spares available! Can service? Regards Martin.
Hi Martin Do you stock or can you get American Sprirt Organic Lites? They are the orange rather than yellow packs. Thanks Tony Not available in the UK. Regards Martin.
Can you remember which company used to make Balkan Sobranie Cocktail cigs ? I see they don't make them any more, but you do ? many thanks al You will find Sobranie Cocktail on my site? Regards Martin.
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