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Ask Martin - Message Board

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Martin McGahey, Tobacconist Expert

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I can't seem to get Gauloises Legeres anywhere, everyone online seems to do Blondes. Any French Brun with a normal filter would do. Do Gitanes filtre!? Regards Martin.
does the savinelli oscar roma pipe take a filter? if not is there anything very similar - or cheaper that you might recommend? Yes, it takes the balsa filters. Regards Martin.
Hi, my dunhill rollagas lighter lights ok but appears to be losing gas overnight. Can you service/repair this and what would the cost be. Thanks A service on a Dunhill is 95 plus return postage. Regards Martin.
Hi Martin, You have the price of Swisher Sweets listed as per below. Just wondering if this is the price for 1 x 5 pack or 5 x 5. Cheers, Jodie Sweets Pkg: 5 The original. £15.45 Current price for single packet of 5 is 7.50 Regards Martin.
hello can you tell me where i can buy some white owl peach cigars in the uk Have the Invisible and the minature but the peach is not in the UK. Regards Martin.
do you know if St Julian hand rolling tobacco is still avahlable- Best or Empire blend Not available now but have a good alternative. Email direst if you require more info. Regards Martin.
Can Americans still order Condor and St. Bruno from you Yes, but no payment by Credit/Debt cards. Regards Martin.
i have a machine for the concept cigarette tubes what would be the best tobacco to use as all of the ones i have tried keep blocking up thanks darren The Concept tobacco. Regards Martin.
I see you say that you have stock of white owl cigars ; do you have the New Yorker ? If so i am looking at purchasing around 50 cigars . Any help would be much appreciated , thanks marc . Sorry they are not availabe in the UK. Regards Martin.
Hi, I hope you can help me locate pipe lids, for my grandfather. They are small lids placed on the pipe to prevent hot bits popping out. Many thanks for any help you can give. I have pipe lid!? Regards Martin.
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